About Us

Professional and Personal

We are all about being professional and personal.  Started in 1991, SVP Multimedia is a professional and personal video production company with the talent, equipment and know how to provide you with the solutions to all of your film needs.

Over the years, SVP Multimedia has produced a wide array of corporate videos, promotional videos, television commercials, training and hunting videos – some of which have been sold internationally and at Bass Pro, Cabala’s, Wal-Mart stores, and the Internet.

SVP Multimedia Logo

Just a few of our client companies are Sam’s Club Corporate; Karrena International, Germany; NetEvents.com based out of UK; Axon Communications, Boston; The Insider, CBS; The Art of Living, US Media TV, Florida; The Economic Report, Florida; Alderson Court Reporting, Senator Conrad and Congressman Earl Pomeroy, Washington DC; Theodore Roosevelt Expressway, Washington, DC; White Dog Productions, Missouri; North Dakota State Historical Society, Bismarck, North Dakota and many more.

SVP Multimedia also specialises in Professional Video Biographies and Historical Documentaries, as well as video memorials and event & tribute videos. Our passion is to bring personal stories to life, insisting on the highest standards in all phases of the production process.

Making memories into movies is what we can do for you. We are very friendly and approachable and we aim to help to find the right format for you at an affordable price.