Cine Film

We specialise in Cine Film transfers of regular 8mm, super8 movie films to DVD, Blu-ray and Hard Drive. We know how valuable your film is to you and pride ourselves on the quality of our service. 

Cine Film TransferWe are able to create Super8 and Regular 8mm Cine Film transfers that offer the breathtaking clarity that can only come from frame by frame scanning in high definition. Our machines were designed by Movie Stuff specifically at the request of the Academy of Motion Picture Film Archives in Hollywood. Frame by frame scanning means your transfers are 100% flicker free, crystal clear and razor sharp from corner to corner. The sprocket-less drive assures no film damage to your priceless footage.

All film is cleaned and repaired prior to scanning. We are also able to offer clients an added, alternative way to preserve their films for any future media.  We have the ability to output true progressive frames in a numbered image sequence in a folder. These images can then be imported into any edit software, now or decades from now, to reconstitute the original frame accurate movie file.

All work is carried out by ourselves in our own transfer studio.   We do not contract out to any third party companies. We will collect your films from your home or business within a 50 miles radius of our shop. Then we will give you regular updates for your peace of mind. We digitally restore and re-master your films to the very highest standard available today using exclusive hardware and software systems. The results are STUNNING.


We have built an excellent reputation for our method and quality in Regular 8mm and Super8 film transfers.  You can add music, narration and titles to your films.  We can deliver in HD on Blu-ray, DVDs, Movie files on your hard drive and online.  Thank you to Bruce Wendt Productions for Super8 Filming.



We can add music and titles of your choice.  We can make enhancements and color correction to your old movies. A great way to preserve and enjoy your heritage.