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We are STORYTELLERS... Let us tell your story. Whether you are interested in sharing the history of your organization or your family stories, SVP Multimedia realizes the value of preserving these stories, history and memories for generations to come.

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Celebrate the history of your church and/or village by highlighting it's heritage, message, and mission on DVD, Blu-ray and online. Not only is it a great way to archive the historical events - but can also be used as a fund raiser for your organization. SVP works closely with the town historian to create a historically accurate and professionally produced historical programme.

Family Documentaries

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The Family History/Biography Video documents your family's unique story with the professional polish of an award-winning documentary.  What a perfect way to capture the heart and soul of a family for the next generation to enjoy!



How we do it...

SVP Multimedia captures life stories and cherished memories through interviews recorded in HD video.  Our friendly and warm demeanor helps people feel at ease and encourages intriguing storytelling. The interviews are edited with photos and music to help family and friends jump back in time and understand and appreciate how previous generations lived.  Appropriate styles of music are added, such as '30s & '40s or '60s & '70s, etc. to enhance the stories of struggles and triumphs of romance, war, work, marriage, and family. This process takes approximately six to eight weeks. The finished project, delivered on DVD, Blu-ray and online, will be a legacy to share with family and friends, today and for generations to come.

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Above is a sampler of a documentary SVP produced for the Bill Schriok Car Museum.  It has been shortened for web viewing, however if you wish to view the entire 45 minute program showing Bill’s entire collection, please click on the following link:   Full Length Car Museum Documentary

Nestled in the serene hills near Minot, North Dakota in an ordinary-looking metal building is a treasure–not of gold, but of iron and steel.  It is owned by Bill Schriok, a man that is anything but ordinary.

This is a special place—for machines that produced much more than mere transportation. They were a reflection of the times in which they were built—from the turn of the 20th century to the beginning of the 21st–and were also a reflection of the people who drove them.

For Bill Schriok, his museum encompasses a lifetime of work, which he now willingly shares. Pick a favorite, he’s asked.  His response is simple– “That’d be hard, they’re all my favorite”.






This is a short clip of the ending of the production "By the River: The William Hanson family remembers the early years at the Logging Camp Ranch". Featuring Robert Hanson, William Hanson, Victoria Hanson Stegner and the late Louise Hanson Kopseng.  Why not watch some of our videos online and discover how you can produce your own legacy in film.

Filmed on location during the Hanson Family Reunion August 12-13, 2006. Hosted by John & Jennifer Hanson at the Logging Camp Ranch, Amidon, ND. This project was made possible through the archival interests of the entire Hanson family.

Video Journalists, Bruce Wendt; Antony Barnes, Colleen Hareland ; 3 5mm Transparencies Bruce Wendt, Logging Camp Ranch Photo Archivist; 8mm films and photographs provided by The William Hanson Family; Post-Production Editing by Colleen Hareland, SVP Multimedia, LLC and Bruce Wendt, Bruce Wendt Productions; Post-Production Facilities: SVP Multimedia, LLC



Produced in 2006 in Standard Definition 4:3.  Shortened for website viewing:  Here are a few clips from the Birka Lutheran Church Historical Video for their 100th Year Celebration  1906 - 2006.

We were pleased to be involved in their celebration and to be asked to preserve their history by capturing their two day celebration.  This two DVD production was sold at the celebration event and used as a church fundraiser.