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Do you have the predicament of ‘same old, same old’ wedding reception entertainment? While your guests are enjoying their meal, you can entertain them with a 12 to 15 minute video program featuring your personal Wedding Love Story.  (how you met, proposal etc)  Done prior to your wedding, our Wedding Love Story productions include live interviews and two to three hours on location filming. Twenty to thirty growing up, family and dating photos can be included if so desired. Delivered on DVD, Blu-ray and online.  Sample Love Story

“Your Wedding Anniversary Love Story”

All wedding anniversaries are special. Whether it's your 1st or your 65th, SVP Multimedia would love to help "memorialize" your journey together by creating an emotional “Love Story” of your life together using your pictures, music and interviews of the two of you and your family. It's a priceless investment that is not only entertaining, but will be a precious gift to your family for years to come! Recalling how you both met, funny or embarrassing stories and special moments shared, we put together your memories in a way that will make you fall in love all over again.  Sample Anniversary Love Story


Showcase the Gown or Trash the Dress; For the bride who wants to showcase and preserve the memory of her dress in an edgy and modern way. Put your dress back on after the wedding and have some fun! SVP Multimedia will record you in ways that just can't be done on the wedding day.  Sample Trash the Dress


 New poster 2Wedding Reception Movie Posters;    A great conversational piece to use at your reception and to have on your wall in your entertainment room.    One of its kind Movie posters are an exclusive and unique wedding reception decoration that your guests will be talk about for a long time to come. These posters are also perfect for engagement announcements and anniversary gifts.

Bonnie Poster  New poster 1


There is nothing more fascinating than watching a couple who are genuinely in love.  Through the couple's love story, reception guests will hear and see about the unique circumstances that brought them together.  SVP Multimedia will create your real life love story -- no two are the same.



The Anniversary Love Story will document your unique story with the professional polish of an award-winning documentary.  What a perfect way to capture the heart and soul of a family for the next generation to enjoy!



Trash the Dress is a video and/or photo shoot that some couples opt for after the wedding and honeymoon.  The bride dons her gorgeous dress one last time, and -- you guessed -- trashes it.  It's all about celebrating your new marriage, and more importantly, the end of wedding-planning stress!  Give yourself permission to act outrageously .  If you feel like running, run - if you want to jump in that mud puddle, or trail your dress through the foam of ocean waves, do it.