Tribute to Life / Memorial Video

Tribute to Life / Memorial Video / Celebration of Life Programme

A Tribute to Life is beautiful way to showcase the life of an individual and present what cannot be achieved with words alone. A Tribute to Life video highlights someone’s life using the provided images from their childhood, graduation, marriage and other rites of passage.  All these images are beautifully edited together with your chosen music into a single video slideshow so that it can be played at the funeral, memorial service or at home to remember the relationships and richness of someone’s life. The Tribute to Life video slideshow can also be privately shared with friends and family abroad who may not be able to be a part of the day.

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  • “What is a Tribute to Life Video?” – Memorial videos can capture the spirit, the endearing expressions, and the life experiences that makes each person completely and wonderfully unique. The Tribute to Life video is most times played during the memorial service and helps in the reminiscing and sharing of memories.
  • “Why produce a Tribute to Life Video?” – Gathering the photos and resources for the video becomes a special time of reminiscing and sharing memories. The video changes the whole atmosphere of the gathering – instead of people not knowing what to say, there is a spirit of remembering and celebration. The value of a Tribute to Life Video increases with time and many times will ultimately be regarded as priceless.
  • “How much does a Tribute to Life Video Cost?” – Link to the online order form.
  • “Why Videotape a Funeral?” – Why would anyone want a Funeral Service videotaped? There are several reasons… Sometimes a close relative or friend is not able to attend a funeral in person due to illness or obstacles with travel. There may be either pageantry (such as military service at Arlington National Cemetery) or fine eulogies which people want to save for family archives. Also, for some people, this is their way of dealing with the grieving and closure process.
  • “Why pre-plan your Memorial or Tribute to Life Video?” – Pre-plan your own memorial video. Your pre-planned video is similar to the Tribute to Life video, but more in-depth. It is prepared ahead when you are pre-planning your funeral. Along with the photos, old films, and video clips, this video will include a very personal message you give directly to your family. Not only can this video be used at the funeral home or memorial service, it will be a true keepsake for your family and the generations to come.