Video Production | Editing

Video Production | Editing

Professional Editing Service 

SVP Multimedia offers Professional Video Production and Editing services for businesses and the general public.  From individuals with their own film project through to professional filming for large businesses such as;  US Media Television, CBS Studios Entertainment Tonight, Today in America - and filming with editing for Sam's Club Corporate,  Karrena International, LLC,  North Dakota State Historical Society and more.  See our page of accolades.

We have over 25 years of experience in video production and editing.   From filming and editing your wedding footage or home videos, to filming and editing professional corporate productions and training films.

We can edit your old or new wedding footage into a heartwarming keepsake. Whether you had it professionally filmed or friend/family took some clips and photos, we can help you.   We will turn your unedited footage into a great film by adding music of your choice, amazing animated titles, montage and give you a final product on the web and on DVD format for you to cherish, share and re-live forever.

Professional video production and Editing Service

We are passionate about editing videos and provide video editing services at affordable prices. Call us to discuss your next project.


Cinematic Opening to Melissa and Tucker's  beautiful wedding in Medora, ND on August 11, 2012.

Music Video Edit

This is a music video we did one afternoon for a young talent from Halliday, North Dakota. Quintana has since gone on to win the International Young Yodler and Gospel at Nashville 2010.  Nothing Like a Good Rain" sung by Quintana Amara Biffert


This is segment one of seven showing Karrena Intl constructing a chimney at Leland Olds, ND.  SVP Multimedia was hired to follow the construction step by step, and produce a thirty minute program.  It took approx.  two and half years filming.  The script was written by Karrena, Intl and edited and produced by SVP Multimedia, LLC.